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Narwhals 0-3 years Nageuret Swim Diaper (Green) by Beau & Belle Littles

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Fulfilled by our friends at Beau & Belle Littles


What is it: A reusable swim diaper perfect for children ages 0 - 3 years old. The base color of this nature swim diaper is green and is adorned with Don our sophisticated Narwhal. This infant to toddler swimsuit comes with adjustable buttons on both the waist and thigh areas. 

How to use: Adjust the diaper so that the elastic is tight around the baby's waist and thighs. It has to be tight in order to keep a poop in, but you don't want deep purple marks, light pink marks okay and to be expected. If you want a tighter fit around the butt adjusts the rise snaps in the front to gather the extra fabric. There will be some water in the diaper since it isn't a water-tight seal. That being said make sure you change or baby as soon as he/she poops. 

How to clean: Knock the solids in the toilet (you may have to rinse the diaper out a bit before washing). Wash in a full normal load of your washer. For stains and smells let soak overnight with dish soap in hot water, wash regularly, and dry in the sun. 

Important things to know: We are a family-owned company in Loveland, CO. To keep quality up and prices low we have sourced our fabrics and have our diapers hand manufactured in China. 

This swim diaper is adjustable for babies and toddlers. The waist adjusts to three different sizes to grow with your baby and you can gather the extra fabric in the front for a tighter fit on the bum. 

Why you need this in your life:  Swim diapers are designed to only contain poop, so change once you're at the pool, and don't be surprised if some pee leaks out the legs.  We designed our swim diapers without the extra absorbing layer of fabric because once in the pool that fabric absorbs the pool water and makes it difficult to dry and holds that water against your baby's skin which can cause chaffing or rash. 😳

What else you need to know: These super cute Narwhals print features Don our sophisticated Narwhal. The scientific name for narwhal is monodon Monoceros, which is where Don originated. 

What fans have said about this diaper: "This swim diaper is AMAZING! We used it for the first time this past weekend. Baby pooped THREE times in it!!! None of the times were we in the water. I knew the baby would poop that day but didn’t want to wait around outside the pool in her regular diaper. Around 1:30 pm I get off a ride and the husband is flagging me down lol. I knew what had happened (pooped twice, apparently!)

I took the baby into the showers and rinsed her and the diaper off. I could not BELIEVE how much poop there was since there was no explosion or leakage or blowout!! There was like no visible diaper. Just poop. It rinsed off super easy though.

Two hours later, more poop. Lots of it. Repeated the same steps as above (this time using the handicap shower with a detachable showerhead and place to sit, mama got smart!).

I cannot recommend this diaper enough! So glad it’s adjustable and has many more wears ahead (baby is 6 months and size 3 diapers)."





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