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When Do Babies Sit Up And Why That's Important To Know If You Buy Our Travel Systems

When it comes to infants, when they hit their various milestones can be so different for every child. But of course there are approximate timeframes when it comes to the average point in life when a baby starts to control their own head, sit up unassisted, and begin to crawl, walk, and talk.

But for us at Mamas Uncut, the question of “when do babies sit up” for the first time on their own is important. Why? Well because it helps parents know when to make changes to their Mamas Uncut travel systems, keeping their baby’s safety a top priority.

So When Do Babies Sit Up?

when do babies sit up

Well, as Healthline reports, a baby can start controlling their own head and neck muscles as early as four months old. But when it comes to sitting up unassisted, that doesn’t really begin until about 6 months old.

In fact, as Healthline continues to report, “sitting independently is a skill that many babies master between 7 to 9 months of age.” Some signs that indicate your baby may be ready to sit up are:

  • Good head control
  • Pushing themselves up when they are lying face down
  • Rolling over
  • Look like they are getting ready to crawl

when do babies sit up travel system

So Why Is This Important To Know If You Own A Mamas Uncut Travel System?

As you know, our travel systems come with car seats, bassinets, and stroller seats. In order to keep your baby as safe as possible, parents shouldn’t start using the stroller seat until their baby can sit up.

As an infant, the only travel system seats that should be used are the car seat and the bassinet. Only once your child starts safely controlling their head and neck muscles on their own and sitting up unassisted should parents start using the stroller seat!

when do babies sit up travel system

And that is exactly why our travel systems are so important. They are safe for your little one as soon as you get to take them home from the hospital and grow with them as they meet their first-year milestones and beyond!

So now that you have this information, take a look at some of our best travel systems! You won’t be disappointed!

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