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Rocking Your Baby Promotes Healthy Sleep; So Why Not Buy Your Baby A Rocking Crib

When it comes to research, it’s believed that gently rocking your child can help them fall asleep. It also helps reduce crying, making it so that your baby’s sleep quality improves overall.

According to, “the rocking sensation is thought to have a synchronizing effect on the brain, triggering our natural sleep rhythms.” The slow rocking can further “help your baby ease into sleep mode and increase slow oscillations and sleep spindles in their brain waves.”

And while rocking is a safe and effective way to get your baby to sleep, as busy parents that isn’t always the most time-effective way to get your baby down. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean your baby has to be devoid of being rocked to sleep.

You may be wondering how that is? Well, at Mamas Uncut we offer a rocking crib that sways your little one for you as they relish in a delightful sleep!

Click the link below to try one of our rocking cribs today!

Electric Rocking Baby Crib

This electric baby crib comes complete with intelligent dual control, five levels of gentle shaking, and three levels of timing. It also comes with calming sleep music that will help sway your little one into a much-needed slumber.

Not to mention it sleek look and mesh materials make it easy to clean and will look great in any room!

So, if you need a crib for your own baby or if you need an amazing baby shower gift, this rocking crib is exactly what you and the little one in your life need.

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