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Need To Fill Out Your Baby Registry Or In Need Of A Baby Shower Gift, This Electric Rocking Chair Is A Must-Have

When it comes to baby shower gifts, practicality is the way to go! Diapers, wipes, bottles, onesies, are always staples! 

But what about the products that allow moms to keep an eye on their little ones, while also giving them some hand free time? That is where Mamas Uncut’s newest product comes in!


Now available on our website is this Electric Rocking Chair. Similar to our Electric Crib, this chair gives moms the freedom to soothe their baby while also keeping their hands free to do what they need to do.

This Electric Rocking Chair gives parents the freedom they need while also being attentive caregivers. And right now, you can get it for less than $200.

So what makes this Electric Rocking Chair so special? Well, it comes with a smart sensor that provides gentle, calming movements for your baby while they are awake.

Additionally, the smart sensor stops the movements when your baby falls asleep, and also starts again, should your baby wake up. This swing comes complete with five levels of swinging and three different timing settings.

Additionally, it also comes equipped with wireless Bluetooth and 12 uploaded songs to help calm your little one and lull them to sleep.

The chair is safe for your baby to use consistently and sits at a 170-degree angle which mimics a mother’s embrace and provides safe support for your baby’s spine. The swing also runs on both a power cord or batteries, making it useful anywhere you go.

So if you’re in need of a great baby shower gift or you are looking for a great product that gives you more freedom as a mom, this Electric Rocking Chair is it! Enjoy!

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