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Mamas Uncut's Product Of The Day: Newborn Baby Bedside Bassinet And Travel Playpen

Look, we absolutely understand the newborn parents who prefer to co-sleep. You get to keep a close eye on your little one throughout the night and they are easy to get to if they need you at a moments notice.

However, co-sleeping can be dangerous with rollovers being a possible outcome of a good night's sleep. And that is why Mamas Uncut's Newborn Baby Bedside Bassinet And Travel Playpen is our product of the day!

Newborn Baby Bedside Bassinet And Travel Playpen

This products gives parents the best of both worlds! It allows you the ability to co-sleep with certain safety precautions in place to prevent rollovers.

Our Newborn Baby Bedside Bassinet And Travel Playpen is designed so that the legs will slide under your bed, bringing the crib portion of the product right next to your bed. This provides easy access to your little one throughout the night.

It's also easily foldable and adjustable, making it perfect for a bed at any height and can travel with you where ever you go. And if you adjust it to its lowest height it makes for a great playpen as well!

So whether you choose to co-sleep with your little one or if you just need a great traveling crib for hotel rooms and quest rooms, Tay's Newborn Baby Bedside Bassinet And Travel Playpen is it! And don't forget you can add these products to your Babylist registry!

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