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How To Soothe A Crying Baby? Mamas Uncut Can Help You With That

Very few parents know exactly what to do when it comes to how to sooth a crying baby. There could be a myriad things your baby could want or need.

Sometimes they are hungry, sometimes they need changed or burped or simply they need their parents cuddles. And other times there is no answers.

For those times when you find yourself asking the universe, “How to soothe a crying baby?” Mamas Uncut is here to help.

At Mamas Uncut we have a few baby items that will give you another option when all else fails while you try to soothe your little one. From electric cribs and chairs to even a bedside crib, all of these products are designed to help parents calm their little one when nothing else seems to work.

Electric Rocking Chair

how to soothe a crying baby

Let’s start with the electric rocking chair we offer. This chair is a smart sensor swing that provides gentle and calming movements for your little one. 

It comes with multiple different levels of moving and swinging and can be set to a timer. It also features several gentle sounds to help soothe your little one and technology that automatically stops the movement when your child falls asleep and starts again when they wake up.

This chair can hopefully give parents a bit more freedom to go about completely every day tasks when they need to!

Electric Rocking Baby Crib

how to soothe a crying baby

This rocking crib also provides 5 levels of rocking to gently lull your baby to sleep. It also comes with soothing sounds and a safety harness to make sure your little one is getting the safest and best nap they can.

It’s size also allows for it to be kept in smaller spaces and can be easily folded up so that you can take it on the go!

Newborn Baby Bedside Bassinet And Travel Playpen

how to soothe a crying baby

While this beside bassinet doesn’t move, it does give parents the flexibility to sooth their little one while staying in bed themselves! This bedside bassinet eliminates the dangers of co-sleeping but also provides parents the ability to rest themselves should their little one need their touch in the middle of the night.

It’s adjustable height makes it useful for any type of bed and it can be easily transported and used as a playpen while on the go!

So there you have it! If you’re at a loss on how to soothe a crying baby, try out one of these awesome products! You won’t regret it!

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