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Did You Know You Can Add Mamas Uncut: The Baby Store Baby Products To Your Babylist Registry?

You can now add your favorite Mamas Uncut baby products to your Babylist Registry! This article will show you how to do so with just a few click of the mouse! 


So Here Is How To Add Tay Online Products To Your Babylist Registry!

Go to your Babylist Registry account.

Click “Add Items”.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to where it says “Search the Web”.

This is where you would copy and paste the link to the Mamas Uncut product you would like to add to your registry.

Next click “search” or the magnifying glass icon.

From here, the Mamas Uncut product you're searching for will pop up.

Make sure you click the color of the item you want before clicking the reddish-orange button that read, “Add to Babylist.

Once you click the “Add to Babylist” button another screen will pop up where you are able to customize the item further before you click “Add to Babylist” again.

And you’re done! How awesome is that!

So if you’ve been eyeing one of our items, make sure your loved ones know by adding it to your baby registry! Enjoy!

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